More Emoticons

We would like to thank a visitor, Marc, who sent us the following emoticons for BBM:

î›±Angry Smiley

Sad Smiley

Worried Smiley

î›´Dead Smiley

Two Hands To Face Smiley

Chewing Smiley

Grill Smiley

Tongue Out Winking Smiley

Electrical Face Smiley?

Winking Smiley

Medium Smile Smiley

Big Frown Smiley

Animal Face Smiley

 Big Cry Smiley

Little Cry Smiley

Sideways Looking Smiley

Heart Eyes Smiley

 Sighing Smiley

Worried Smiley

Very Worried Smiley

Very Angry Smiley

Closed Eye Smiley



Red Lips

Blue Z's Sleeping

Fist Front View

îš“Fist from Side

Fist Peace Sign

îš•Hand Open

Thumbs Up Fist

îš±Person Silhouette

 Jet Front


Ocean Liner

î™ Bus


Station Wagon


î™›Green People Mover

î™™Checkered Flag

Running Stick Figure

 Surfer

î™—Skiing Figure


î™”Olympic Torch?

Tennis Racket and Ball

î™–Soccer Ball

Basketball Hoop and Ball

Puff of Air


Diamond Engagement Ring

Kings Crown


White Purse

îš‚Red Hand Bag






î™´Red High Heel Shoe

Winter Hat

Blue T Shirt


î™’Sports Jersey

îš„ Bow Tie


Money Bag

î™°Hot Coffee Cup

î™± Martini Glass



Cake Slice

Birthday Cake

Warm Cup


Bottle And Cup



Wine Glass




Four Leaf Clover


Two Leaf Clover




Ferris Wheel

Island Scene


Thunder Cloud

Umbrella with Rain



îš³Moon and Star in Black Box

Rain Drops

Rain Drop





Factory Building

î™­Stoplight Sideways

Red Stop Sign

Gas Pump

Dinner Plate Symbol

î™®Restroom Symbol

Lodging Symbol

ATM Symbol

Yen House

Red Cross House Symbol

Red T House Symbol


Christmas Tree









Analog Clock

Hour Glass


24 hrs Calendar Symbol?

 Make Call

Telephone Symbol


Send Mail





Paper Clip


White Pen

Paint Brush

î™»Paint Pallet

Magnifying Glass

Green Crayon

Memo Pad Symbol

Copyright Symbol

TM Trademark

Caution Triangle

Trademark Symbol

Exclamation in Triangle

No Smoking

Red Music Note

î›·Steamy Water


î›»Light Bulb On


Cell Phone

Compact Disc

îš‹Game Controller







î™·Movie Camera Symbol

Movie Symbol

Red Music Notes

Blue Music Note

Heart Envelope

Two Hearts

î›®Broken Heart

î›­Beating Heart

Big Heart

î›—Free in Box

Handicap Symbol





Happy Sad Masks

Yellow Capricorn Symbol

 Libra Symbol

Green Aquarius


Red Sagitarius

Blue Scorpio

Yellow Virgo

Red Leo





0 Box

9 Box

8 Box

7 Box

6 Box

5 Box

4 Box

3 Box

2 Box

1 Box

Q in Octagon

îš White Ball

Funky Plus

î› # Sign With Lines Above and Below

Yellow Blob

î›’Yellow Blob in Box


D with Circle Around It


ID with Lines Above and Below

Red Return Arrow

î›› CL with Lines Above and Below

NEW with Lines Above and Below

îš·Right Arrow with Soon under it

Double Arrow with On under it

îš¹Left Arrow with End under it

Red arrow to right and up

Bottom Left Arrow

îš–Bottom Right Arrow

îš—Upward Left Arrow

Upward Right Arrow

Yellow Thing?

Blue P in Circle

Yellow M in Circle

Flying Animal

Electricity in Ball

î™…Blue 3D Downward Left Arrow

Dashes symbolizing Rows


Blue Downward Arrow From Left

Red Exclamation

Red Exclamation and Blue Question

Two Red Exclamations

Squiggly Arrows Pointing at each other Jagged Line Red OK with lines above and below lowercase a lowercase a in box Red NG with lines Above and Below Up/Down Arrow  Left/Right Arrow Foreign Circle Symbol 1 Foreign Circle Symbol 2 Foreign Circle Symbol 3