What is BBM?

BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger and is one of the most popular phone messaging applications in the world. It can be used to exchange messages without any extra fees (as opposed to text messaging aka SMS). BBM is currently not compatible with iPhone or Android phones, but there are rumors that RIM will open up the software to other phone makers in the near future.

Pimp My BBM is the largest collection of cool display pictures for BBM: icons, animated avatars, emoticons, and special BlackBerry tools. Please support us by recommending us on Google+ and Facebook. We will also soon accept Bitcoins. :) Make sure to visit Pimp My BBM often for new free, downloadable content.

Fancy BBM Name Generator

Users are free to make use of this tool in generating cool BBM profile names. Please visit our Fancy BBM Name Generator.

Online Hidden Text Avatar Maker

We have just launched our online Hidden Text Avatar Maker. Users are free to generate their own hidden avatars with custom text on it. Users can also upload images they wish to use as hidden avatars, however, they need to be in .png format, be white in color, not bigger than 100x100 pixels and have a transparent background. In order to make use of our free tool, please visit www.pimpmybbm.com/maker.

Sharing Images

We always welcome new additions to our website and request users to send us only images they have ownership or distribution rights to. In order to submit an image for inclusion, simply send your submission to: info (at) pimpmybbm.com.

Downloading Images

In order to make use of images on our website, simply click your 'Berries' over the image and select 'Save Image'. You then access your BBM and change the image within the application.

Free Online MEP Code Generator

We offer users access to our free online MEP Code Generator. In order to access this online service, please click here.

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